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When Should I Replace My Toilet?

Uh, oh: it seems that your toilet is about to give it’s very last flush. Although that may be the case for some “thrones” in some homes, there is a slight chance that you may need to replace your toilet completely. Not sure what to look (or listen) for?

When To Replace A Toilet

Four of the most common signs that it’s time to replace a toilet include if the toilet makes strange hissing noises, if it is always running, if it continually clogs, or if the toilet won’t flush at all. You can also watch for leaks, cracks and other irreparable damage that indicate you need to replace your toilet.

Take a glance at these helpful tips to see if you’ll need a “throne” upgrade soon.

1. Your Toilet Makes Strange Sounds

One of the first and most visible (actually, audible) signs of needing a replacement toilet is that your current “throne” is making an array of strange sounds - noises that sound quite peculiar coming from a toilet.

  • The first and most “startling” sound will be a hissing sound, followed by a possible trickling sound, too.
  • The noise will be noticeable every time you enter your bathroom or flush your toilet.

However, it is quite common for your toilet to make some sounds from time-to-time but, if it’s making strange noises frequently, it’s time to shop for a new “throne”.

2. Your Toilet Is Always Running

If the water (inside) your toilet continuously runs and won't shut off, it needs to be replaced. Granted, when you flush, normally the water will run and shut off by itself — but if the water continues to cascade like a waterfall, then you’ll want to start looking into a new toilet.

  • When looking to see if your toilet is running more frequently than usual, you’ll want to flush once and let it do it’s “magic.”
  • Once the typical automatic flushing process continues, you’ll notice the difference when the bowl continuously enables the water to flow more than usual.

If the running continues to be more frequent, then you should be scouting out a new toilet.

3. Your Toilet Continually Clogs

While it’s normal for a toilet to get clogged here and there, regular clogs are a sign of something more!

  • Unlike newly manufactured toilets, older “thrones” will start to give out over time, causing them to lose the strength they once had.
  • When this happens, simple functions that your toilet once did with ease, are now quite an obstacle and could be a potential danger to your home (hello, possible flooding).

The minute you notice that “old reliable” isn’t working the way it once did, please contact Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical right away to schedule your appointment with one of our certified plumbers, who will diagnose and replace your toilet, if needed! This will not only put your mind at ease, knowing that you have a new toilet, but it will also prevent any further problems from forming with your plumbing!

4. Your Toilet Won't Flush

One of the most obvious signs of your toilet needing to be replaced is when it stops flushing. Believe it or not, as your toilet begins to age, the bowl itself will eventually provide weaker flushes after each use. If this problem is not resolved when you first notice it, then it will lead to the possibility of your toilet not flushing at all. This, of course, is not good and can be resolved once your toilet is replaced.

  • However, there is always a slight possibility that you may need to replace your toilet handle — which is a pretty simple solution but would be best if your local certified plumber takes care of the job.
  • If you’re not sure if the handle itself is broken, merely attempt to give your toilet a flush.
  • If the handle is unusually loose, then it may need to be replaced — but, if the handle seems to be intact and it’s still not flushing, then you will need to have your toilet replaced.

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