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Lots of people find electricity something of a mystery. Fortunately, with Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, you won't need Agatha Christie. Even in today’s homes with electrical systems that might include data, audio, video, security, communication, and climate control, we install one that’s easy to understand and use. We also repair any existing residential electrical systems may they be in a smart home or a traditional one.

Below is a short list of some of the work we do:

  • Installation of whole house surge protection
  • Electrical system upgrades including electrical receptacles and panels
  • Lighting installation and repair
  • Whole-house rewiring
  • Outlet installations

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Whole House Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector protects homes against sudden voltage spikes that can lead to house fires or damaged appliances. Because you and your family’s safety are our topmost priority, our team of highly trained electricians installs a surge protection at the meter or your electrical panel to protect every aspect of your electrical system at home.

Additions & Basement Developments

At Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, we’ve done some spectacular renovations for residents throughout Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. If you’re in the middle of building a new addition to your home or completing a basement project, allow our Saskatoon electrical contractors to complete your electrical rough-in to ensure a safe and reliable electrical system.

Upgrade Your Electrical Receptacles

Today’s safety code requires every homeowner to install three-pronged receptacles in any new home construction and addition. It is also strongly recommended that you upgrade your electrical receptacles if you live in an older home to improve safety. Additionally, Saskatoon safety code mandates that locations that are near moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom should have a Ground Fault Interrupter or GFI.

As a trusted electrical service team in the community, we always make sure that we are updated in any changes or updates in the safety code. If you’re not sure if you need electrical receptacle upgrades, our electricians can inspect your home thoroughly and provide recommendations.

Install Dimmer Switches

Being able to dim the lights can give any room ambiance—even the laundry room. Whether you want dimmer switches for aesthetic or even practical purposes, our Saskatoon electricians can install any number of dimmer switches in your home.

Electrical wiringUpgrade Your Electrical Panel

The panel is the heart of your home’s system. Until recently homes were built to handle 100 amps of electricity but we now build homes with 200 amps of service. If you are planning an addition or own an older home, having an electrical contractor in Saskatoon upgrade your panel could be just the thing.

Rewire Your Home

If you own an older home, it may be at capacity when it comes to the electrical load. Older homes were built with 100 amps of service or less. Additionally, the code was less stringent than it is today that wires were even encased in fabric. If your circuit breakers trip regularly or your fuses blow more than you would like to admit, then it may be time to have a whole-house rewiring.

Not Enough Outlets? Call Us!

If you find that the number of outlets you have in your home is never enough or if you have outlets that are installed in awkward locations, our Saskatoon electrical contractors can install additional outlets or move existing outlets for you. We also install GFI outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry to ensure safety.

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