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Benefits of a Home Bathroom Renovation

Well lit modernist bathroom

Ah, the bathroom! Known as the most popular room in your home, this essential space gets the most wear and tear, even when compared to your kitchen. You may be content with your current lavatory — but what about giving it an upgrade? Sure, it might be a significant investment, but it will be worth it in the end. How so? Let us explain:

1. Modernizes the Space

When it comes to bathrooms, nine out of ten times your space could be outdated. You know what we’re talking about: your tub has seen better days, the vanity is cracked, and your toilet is finished in an abnormal color (we’re looking at you, blue toilets). Of course, these are all cosmetic enhancements — but when you replace these features, they’ll all manage to tie the room together in the end.

Another benefit of modernizing the space is that it will increase your home’s resale value. When you’re looking to sell your home, potential buyers will be looking at every square inch of the space. Of course, buyers go into each house knowing that they might need to make a few changes, but usually, a modern bathroom is the icing on top of the real estate cake. Believe it or not, updating your lavatory can help sell your home in a heartbeat!

2. Personalizes It

Another great benefit of renovating your bathroom is that it will give your home a personal touch! Sometimes, recent home buyers will renovate their lavatory last — unless their the toilet, sink, or shower/tub don't work, or have seen better days.

Of course, if you’re looking to make your bathroom more personal, then giving it some professional TLC from Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical will make the space fit well in your home, in addition to accommodating your lifestyle, too! One of the best ways to renovate your bathroom is to replace the tile. Sometimes, the original tile can be dingy, cracked, or not in a preferred color/theme. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference new tile can make in any bathroom!

Another excellent renovation change is to upgrade your shower curtains for shower doors! Not only will this be the best way to help water stay in your tub, but it will also open up the room completely! No matter what style of shower doors you choose, a bathroom renovation from Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical will make a big, beautiful difference!

3. Saves Water

Looking for a way to save money on your water bill each month? The search is over thanks to a bathroom renovation! Believe it or not, bathroom fixtures from years ago weren’t designed to preserve water. From toilets to sinks, these important bathroom appliances use more H2O than necessary to get the job done. Whether you’re looking to save water or have an eco-friendly bathroom, a renovation is the answer!

Certainly, one of the best solutions to saving water is to upgrade your toilet completely. Sure, you might feel a sentimental attachment to your current “throne,” but it could be using much more water than what’s needed, in addition to raising your water bill tremendously. If that’s the case, then there are an array of eco-friendly toilets on the market that use an appropriate amount of water for each flush — thanks to an “eco-flush” feature!

4. Prevents a Future Problem

Has your vanity sink seen better days? If that’s the case, then it could potentially lead to a more significant problem down the road if overlooked. If you’re looking for peace of mind in your home, then upgrading your vanity will be the solution. Not only will this bathroom staple be up to date, but a new vanity will create less of a chance of a potential leak or flood happening in your home.

Additionally, by giving your fixtures a much-needed update, you’ll finally have the bathroom of your dreams — because sometimes your fixtures will be mismatched. Think about the reselling benefit: if your fixtures don’t look uniform, then it may scare away potential buyers, even though it’s typically a simple, inexpensive fix. Of course, if you plan on staying in your home for the years to come, then you may grow weary of the mismatched fixtures — which, of course, a beautiful renovation will solve.

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