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5 Common Spooky Sewer Nightmares

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When October first hits, all of our favorite spooky decor comes out to play. Homes become haunted, scary movies become the standard, and candy takes center stage on our coffee tables, front door banisters, and every other home surface where appropriate. Everything begins to feel wonderfully ominous, and our homes feel new again. However, the spooks and scares should stop there.

If you are noticing that your home is beginning to mirror that of the cabin from the scary film you viewed last night… it is time to take the signs that it is giving you. Something is not right, and it is time you believe what your home is trying to tell you. Common spooky home happenings are typically linked to your sewer system, from unusual sounds to uniquely horrible stenches…here are the things to looks out for this Halloween holiday season:

Your Drains Are Dangerous

Noticing that you are having to pull your plunger out more often than not? And that your sink takes forever to drain? If you are experiencing consecutive clogging, your main line may be clogged. From toilet troubles to slow drainage, these are all signs it is time to call a professional plumber. Clogs that are left unresolved will continue to worsen until your entire pipe is blocked, restricting your water flow. This, in turn, results in backups. Which we can assure you, is not something you want to encounter.

You Are Hearing Gurgling

Let’s pick up where we left off—backups. Not all backups are catastrophic. However, over time they can become quite the dilemma. To prevent detrimental backups, you have to understand the warning signs. If you are hearing strange gurgling sounds throughout your home, you are in danger of a backup. This gurgling sound will typically present itself when you use two water sources at once. Another sign that you are headed into the drain danger zone: water coming up and out of your bathtub drain after you flush your toilet. If you notice either of these plumbing issues, have your drains serviced before your malfunction turns into a nightmare.

Your Lawn Is Looking Swampy

If your front yard is starting to appear muddy and you notice pooling water… raw sewage may start to collect in your front yard. The early sign of a sewer line leak will actually manifest as a lush and green lawn; however, if this is atypical for your yard there is likely a crack in your sewer line that is releasing sewage. This makeshift fertilizer will begin to backfire as your leak escalates. When small cracks begin to grow, your lawn will develop pools of wastewater and sewage. This must be addressed as soon as possible, as lawn and home damage can ensue as a result. Not to mention, a strong odor will become present throughout your space.

You Have More Creepy Crawly Visitors

Seeing more cockroaches, drain flies, and other insects in your home? And they are not the fake replicas your kids keep trying to spook you with. When your septic line is cracked or damaged, these critters can make their way into your yard and your home. So, if you notice an influx in insect infestation, your sewer is likely compromised.

For sewer system services, contact Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical at (306) 500-7392! We are here to make sure your sewer system does not become a contributing nightmare this Halloween. Even if you simply suspect any of the above-mentioned signs you are headed towards sewer system malfunction, it is best to get your network checked out by the pros. Don’t hesitate to call us!