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Get Ready for Spring Comfort with These AC Repair Tips

Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable During Warm Weather Months

As warm weather approaches, ensure your home’s air conditioner works properly. A malfunctioning air conditioner can cause discomfort and frustration in your home. To avoid a malfunction, look for signs that your AC needs repair and know when to call an HVAC expert. Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical provides quality HVAC services in the Saskatoon area, so we are here if you need any help with your AC repair.

Signs Your HVAC Needs Repairs

In this blog, we'll discuss signs you need to call us for AC repair and tips for keeping your home comfortable as the seasons change.

Keep reading for tips from our experts.

Strange Noises or Smells

Strange noises from your air conditioner or unusual smells could indicate that you need repairs. Squealing sounds indicate a problem with the belt or motor of your unit, while grinding may point toward an issue with the compressor. Unusual smells can be due to burning wires, insulation, or contaminated filters. If you notice any of these issues with your air conditioner, it's best to call an HVAC professional immediately.

Poor Airflow

A blocked filter, clogged evaporator coils, or other issues within the system usually cause weak airflow. If you notice less airflow than usual coming from your vents, this could indicate a more severe problem and warrant a service call from our team immediately.

High Energy Bills

Are you spending more energy bills than usual without much change in usage habits? It may be time to check on the efficiency of your air conditioner. Faulty systems consume more energy, translating into higher electricity bills over time. It's best to have a professional inspect any problems with your unit before they become too costly.

Uneven Temperature

An indication of an inefficient system is uneven temperatures throughout different rooms in the house. This occurs when one area of the house is heating up faster than another due to improper insulation or inadequate ventilation or circulation system.

To ensure consistent temperatures all around the home, enlisting an experienced technician can help diagnose and resolve any underlying issues quickly and efficiently.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerants are essential for cooling down hot air inside homes during heat waves. If leaking refrigerant lines are present, then it's possible that not enough coolant is being circulated throughout the system, causing temperature imbalances within different parts of the house and increased energy bills (due to poor efficiency).

Leaking Water

Another sign that something isn't quite right with your air conditioner is if there are visible puddles near its base or any other part of its structure. A leaking HVAC unit usually means something is wrong internally, such as blockages or leaks in condensate lines resulting in water leakage outside its designated area.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when cooling cycles become briefer than usual, meaning there's not enough coolant and refrigerant within the tubes leading up from evaporator coils. Another issue is there may be too much pressure build-up resulting from power overload, causing compressor motors to kick off too regularly, leading to short cycles rather than full-length ones needed for effective operation.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat controls how warm or cool the temperature is within different areas throughout the home. If problems occur, such as electrical wiring configurations or settings, call us for help to determine the root cause quickly and effectively.

Our team at Centennial Plumbing, Heating & Electrical provides quality services in Saskatoon and surrounding areas for HVAC maintenance, installations, and repairs, so don't hesitate to call us at (306) 500-7392 to address your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you soon.