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How to Get Your AC Ready for Spring & Summer

A tool bag sits on top of an outdoor air conditioning unit next to a brick wall in a backyard

Spring and summer are quickly approaching, which means you need to start prepping your air conditioner for the warmer weather. Below, we explain some easy steps you can take to ensure your air conditioner performs its best during the spring and summer months.

1. Change Your AC Filter

One of the most common air conditioning repairs we perform is a filter replacement. Although you might not have used your air conditioner during the winter, you will still need to change the filter to ensure that your AC is ready to go when the weather starts to warm up. If you don’t change the AC filter, it can affect the energy output of the unit, which decreases efficiency and actually ends up increasing your energy costs.

Consult the manufacturer manual to find out how often you should change your filter throughout the year. If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, or if you smoke indoors or have pets, you'll need to change your filter more frequently.

Dirty Filters & Air Quality

Did you know that a dirty filter can decrease the quality of the air inside your home?

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2. Clean the Space Around the AC Unit

Along with changing the filter, you should also clean up all the debris near your AC unit. Most people neglect their AC during the winter because they simply don’t use it. This can result in a substantial amount of the debris building up around the unit, which can impede your air conditioner's performance. Be sure to give the area a good sweep to eliminate anything that could decrease the efficiency of the unit.

3. Schedule an Appointment for AC Maintenance

The best way to make sure your AC is ready to keep you cool during spring and summer is to have it serviced by an experienced HVAC technician. Our friendly team of professionals can come to your home or business to thoroughly inspect your air conditioner, perform any needed adjustments or repairs, and provide recommendations to help you maintain optimal AC system performance. If our diagnostic reveals that your air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, we can also educate you on your options for AC system replacement. Our goal is to ensure you can maintain a comfortable temperature all year long!

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