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How to Fix Common Furnace Issues

Lit furnace

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling freezing cold because your furnace went out again? In this blog, we explain 3 repair tips you can use to fix your broken furnace.

Tip #1: Make Sure the Thermostat Is On

Although it might seem obvious, the first step you should take is to check the thermostat to make sure it is set on "heat." The thermostat should be set to at least five degrees above room temperature. Taking this first easy step can save you the trouble of calling a repair service to come to your home.

Do the following things when you check the thermostat:

  • Check the thermostat battery.
  • Open the thermostat and remove dust and debris.
  • Check if the date and time has been correctly set if the furnace is on a timer.
  • Turn off the breaker and check the fuse

Tip #2: Reset Your Home Circuit Breaker

There are a number of reasons your circuit breaker might need to be reset. Open your breaker panel and look for the circuit for the furnace. Is the switch in the “off” position or is it in the middle? To manually test the breaker, flip it back and forth. After you test it, leave it in the “on” position. If your breaker doesn’t reset after you do the steps above, you likely have an issue with the wiring in the circuit or the circuit breaker itself.

Tip #3: Check the Filter to See If It’s Clogged

If your furnace has a digital multimeter and it isn’t producing heat, you need to make sure the air filter is clean, free of debris, and in good condition.

  • Find Your Filter: The filter might be located in the intake, which usually looks like a floor-grate. It might also be in the furnace itself.
  • Check the Filter: Hold the filter up to a light source. If you can’t see any light shining through the filter, it needs to be changed. If you can smell a dusty, dirty scent from the vents when the blowers are on, it might be an indicator that your furnace filter needs changing.
  • Change the Filter: Double check that the furnace is turned off. There shouldn’t be any air coming through the furnace. Check the direction of your filter before installing it to make sure it isn’t upside-down. If the filter is upside-down, the furnace won’t effectively heat your home.

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