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Common Signs of Having Poor Indoor Air Quality at Home

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Just like a ghost in a horror film, indoor air quality is usually invisible to the human eye. No matter the size of your home, it’s always possible that poor “IAQ” can form and linger around for an extended period of time, all while being unnoticed.

Although you might not recognize that you’re living with poor indoor air quality, there are a few signs to look for that may hint that you do, indeed, have it present in your home; here's what to look for:

Unnatural Amounts of Dust

Do you feel as if you’re constantly cleaning every square inch of your home on a daily basis? No, we’re not talking about picking up some laundry off the floor or wiping down your stovetop — rather, finding yourself cleaning up unnatural amounts of dust.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is that your air ducts might be overdue for a cleaning or you might need to replace your current HVAC filter. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both — which is common in most homes. Thankfully, it’s somewhat of a simple fix.

Lingering Indoor Allergies

You might have seen this next point coming, but indoor allergies are most commonly caused by poor indoor air quality — especially if dust, animal hair, and other “debris” linger throughout the air in your home. Some of the most common signs of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Dry throat
  • Itchy eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Constant sneezing/coughing

While it’s possible there might be other factors that are contributing to the discomfort, if these symptoms only occur when you're home, poor indoor air quality is most likely to blame.

Foul Smells

Ugh, what’s that horrid smell that just won’t seem to go away? Maybe it was this morning’s breakfast? What about something that was tossed in the garbage can? Believe it or not, poor indoor air quality can cause an array of unpleasant scents to stick around for much longer than you’d like them to. And if you’re always home, there’s a chance that you can go “nose blind” and become immune to the rancid odor that may be causing your nostrils discomfort.

Formations of Mold

One of the worst things that any homeowner can find present in their living space is the formation of mold. For some, exposure to certain molds can cause a variety of health effects and respiratory issues, especially for those who are immune-compromised or have a sensitivity to it. However, one of the most predominant causes of mold is due to poor indoor air quality. To dive further into this matter, if there’s excessive moisture lingering around or the humidity levels in your home are higher than usual, then these factors will play a massive part in making mold present.

Frequent Headaches

Do you feel as if you’ve had more headaches at home than anywhere else? Well, sadly, it’s possible that those are being caused by poor indoor air quality. More than likely, this could be triggered by unnaturally-high humidity levels (think about how you feel on a very humid day outside) and, of course, airborne debris that you’re unknowingly inhaling on a daily basis.

To help combat this, in addition to dusting, it would be best to look into a professional indoor air quality solution — and luckily, our team can help make that happen!

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